HELSB works hand-in-hand with other institutions for it to execute its work effectively. The following are the Institutions:

Public Service Micro Finance Company

To Facilitate Employee's access to loans for various needs.


To Improve loan recoveries and enhance dissemination of information for HELSB where the bank services are provided.

Mlife & ZISC Life

To facilitate the insurance of student loans in line with section 32 of the Act.

Zambia Revenue Authority

To facilitate tracing of loan beneficiaries in line with section 29 of the Act.


To facilitate administration of loans to at least 10 students a year, in the school of Medicine of the University of Zambia Ridgeway campus on behalf of a family of former UNZA students. Under the MOU, HELSB will disburse and recover loans on behalf of FUNZA-USA.


HELSB is affiliated to the Association of African Higher Education Finance Agencies (AAHEFA).

AAHEFA is an organisation that brings together higher education financing institutions in Africa.

AAHEFA's main objective is to serve as the apex organisation and principal forum for sharing of information and experiences on common matters, and to increase students' access to higher education within and outside Africa.